Available Positions

Postdoc Positions:

1- May 2020: Funding as a part of an ONR-sponsored project is available for a postdoc position to work on using machine learning and mixed-precision computing for modeling of subgrid processes in geophysical turbulence and weather/climate. See the details here. 

2- Outstanding applicants interested in any area related to our work are encouraged to consider applying to postdoctoral fellowships such as:

Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship
(offered by the Rice Academy of Fellows)

Wiess and Pan Postdoctoral Research Fellowships
(offered by the Rice Earth Science Department)

NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship

NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships
(Check the deadlines and eligibility criteria of different programs)

If interested in being hosted in our group, send a detailed CV that includes lists of publications and references along with a summary of your PhD work and proposed research to pedram (at) rice.edu (please use “Postdoc fellowship” as the email’s subject).

PhD Positions:

Updated May 2020: We are always looking for outstanding PhD students interested in working on multidisciplinary projects in the general areas of 1) Fluid mechanics (particularly environmental and geophysical turbulence), 2) Atmospheric science and climate dynamics (particularly extreme weather events and large-scale circulation), and 3) Applications of machine learning to PDEs and dynamical systems. See the Research section and our recent publications for more information. We are looking for highly motivated applicants with undergraduate or master’s degrees in mechanical or civil engineering, Earth and climate sciences, applied math, physics, or a related field. The ideal students are proficient in numerical analysis, programming, and applied math, and have a strong background in at least one of the following areas: i) fluid dynamics, ii) atmospheric and climate sciences, iii) mathematical/numerical/statistical modeling, and iv) machine learning. Please send your inquiries about these positions (along with a detailed CV and a brief description of your background and research interests) to pedram (at) rice.edu (Use “PhD position” as the email’s subject).

Full financial support is available for some of the projects. However, if you already have full or partial funding such as a scholarship, or planning to apply for one, make sure to include some details in your email.

If you are an undergraduate student interested in coming to Rice for grad school, we strongly encourage you to present your research at the Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium. It is a great opportunity to visit Rice, meet our faculty, and share your research with us and other participants from across the country.

Other Research Positions for Rice Undergrads:

If you are interested in and have taken courses on 1) fluid dynamics and/or heat transfer and 2) numerical analysis, time series analysis, and/or machine learning, and you know and enjoy programming in MATLAB, R, or Python, we have exciting research projects for you at the intersection of fluid dynamics, climate science, computing, applied math, and machine learning! Please send your inquiries about these positions to pedram (at) rice.edu. (Updated May 2020). Here is an example of the work by bright undergraduate students in our group.